Private Gallery

    If you have carefully perused collages I, II and III you have "crossed the bridge".  You now have a taste of Our Art.
    If you like what you've seen and are curios still, we invite you to knock on our door to gain access (a link) to our Private Gallery.  
    Our Private Gallery features 3 high-glory collages (Collage IV, Collage V, Collage VI).  
    There are two unique features of these private collages:  First, each follows a theme corresponding to one of our top 3 personal beliefs.  Second, in contrast to our public pieces, in our Private Gallery we provide extensive information about the meaning, purpose and practical uses of Our Art   
    What is consistent between our Public Gallery and our Private Gallery is that each collage features our signature low-hanging fruit (easy-had solutions).
    To knock on our door (and gain free access to our Private Collection), contact me directly by phone (3IS-ROC-KJET) or email (