Fresh Start

    I believe that each week, when I take the sacrament (Lord's Supper) worthily, I become 100% clean; forgiven of all my sins.  My soul becomes as clean as newborn infant's.  I get a fresh start.
    Fresh starts are important to everyone.  This is evidenced by the universal focus---in the arts, health, religion and many other fields---on the centrality of fresh-start-related themes like new beginnings, redemption, healing, atonement, change of heart...and so forth.  
    The one-page book below introduces one (huge) aspect of this theme, as it invites the reader to identify, honor and get-together/fix "machines" (whether they be religious or personal rituals, songs, daily practices) to facilitate getting fresh starts, recurringly.

    Woo Woo

Easy Pickin's.  As I mentioned, I see the world quite possessed with the need and desire for "fresh starts" (getting clean; getting right with God and others).  The reason is because in this world we unavoidably make lots of mistakes...personal, relationship, ethical, moral, etc.  Being human is an inexact science.  If we can't exactly stay clean, we then need an exact way to get undirty (forgiveness, redememption).  This little book Woo Woo reminds me of the yearning we all feel, the need we all have...and what the underlying motivation with much of what I see (in the media, in the marketplace, in art, in religion) is all about.  Fresh Start.

Here are more thoughts and explanation about this first piece of art, Woo Woo.