HomeSweet Agreement.  I've long wanted a big new home...but you can't always get what you want. We have four kids and one bathroom in our century-plus old home.  One day I said to my wife, with a sigh, "You know, this little-old cramped house of ours would be just fine..., as a summer home.  It's a lot like my Irish friend's summer cottage on the coast.  And it's much like our next-door neighbor's summer home; nothing fancy, quaint and comfortable."  Just then,  it dawned on me.  I quickly called my brother and entered into an agreement.  In an instant we had a summer home (and a winter home to boot!).  Now, each morning, when I take a shower in our unfinished bathroom, cook in our tiny kitchen, or fix one of the hundred things yet needing repair, I feel better.  I look around and I think, "not bad for a summer home..."   (Artist note: as soon as I shared this solution with a friend, he immediately created his own summer home.  Another friend promptly proclaimed his trailer house "The Retreat.").  I jam about it, here.