bringing it home

low glory: The other day I had a good idea. One that helps me resolve a long-standing concern. For years now I have contemplated and geared-up to be a full-time life-coach. I planned to advertise myself as such, and to work with paying clients each day. Now I say NO to that plan, to that career path.

medium glory: I reached this decision as a result of inspiration I had on June 22, 2007. I was visiting with Saebra about some of our kids gifts when suddenly a burst of understanding filled my heart. I realized that much time has elapsed (years) since I concieved of "the treasure kit"; a kit each of our children will have, one that will contain stories/memories/pictures related to their gifts. This kit will serve as a basis of discussions and mastery related to personal progress and self-discovery for our children.

In this moment I realized that there are many other very basic kits that I have on the shop floor or drawing table that my children need to develop and master. In that moment I realized that it will take me a great deal more time and energy than I have commmitted to date. I have been fooling myself.

In short, I believe my family needs me to be a full-time coach in our home. I need to bring the skills and knowledge of traditional coaching into my home (data, dialogue and doing) for my wife, children, grandchildren and extended family. I need to do it with the spirit of the Warrior.

So, will I still coach others in a traditional fashion? Yes. But not often. Sometimes I will do it for free (e.g. church callings). Sometimes I will do it for a steep fee. If I continue to do evaluation work I will be in a position of choice that will allow me to ask much more ($200-300 per hour) than most coaches. I will do it if they money will leverage my family coaching.

I do intend to offer pieces of me to others who might want it. For example, one of my paying hobbies will be doing presentations, where I offer my tools (kits) and techniques in various online and live forums (e.g. as a Moodle course, in keynote addresses, in occasional workshops, in lucrative consulting arrangments) for a steep fee.

high glory: Conjoined with this inspiration was a revelation that I recieved hearkening me to attend to the thousands of people who are readying to come to earth within my family line. I believe that I am like Joseph of Egypt, called to a special prepratory calling....called to help those in my direct family such that they can pass on new "technology" to their children and grandchildren. I believe that the angels in my family anxiously await for me to establish foundations (kits) that they will need for themselves and their children as they enter the increasingly tumultuous Last-Days era.

I now have a new, more glorious belief about my career. I believe that I am called to help thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people, by the work I am doing. A work that will lay important foundations for the literal establishment of Zion on the American continent.

Angels rejoice as I bring my energy home, where it belongs.