the quarterback

I had been practicing believing I am a Warrior Prince frequently. This practice led me to revealing high glory of many circumstances and events in my life. This particular event was a milestone in my understanding of the power of high glory stories and their capacity to set me free from petty, energy-draining habits of my heart and mind.

LOW GLORY: One day in early spring of 2004 I was sitting near the front row listening to my Stake President [like a bishop or a pastor in protestant faiths] deliver a sermon. Throughout my life, the honor I feel and that I see bestowed upon church leaders has often prompted self-judgments within me. This has been the sort of self-reflection that has often led me to feel sorry for myself, inadequate, jealous of other’s positions, as well as resentment and anger. The truth is, I’ve always wanted to be the quarterback—the guy who gets the glory, the big bucks, the guy who gets to call the shots, the guy who gets to be perceived as the smart one, the most religious, etc. While I was sitting there a good idea came to mind.

MEDIUM GLORY. While I was sitting there, these feelings and thoughts began to arise within me. However, something blessed happened that night, I received inspiration from God.

HIGH GLORY. Much more than that, I received direct revelation from the Almighty, the King Himself. I believe I was ready to receive this revelation because I had been practicing believing I am a Warrior, and that particular belief was fresh and active; near the surface of my consciousness. What happened I would describe like this. My negative perceptions, feelings and judgments created a commotion inside me, one that became a summons for the Warrior inside of me. That moment the heavens opened and God spoke to me, His Warrior. I paraphrase,
My son, the President has been called by Me, just as you have. Your mission fits your soul. Be grateful that at this time that you are not required to shoulder the burdens of the President. Think of the many meetings, the bureaucratic busyness, and glass-house restrictions such a job would entail. Consider this too, the President is a fellow Warrior. You are his equal. In fact, know this, you are a fellow in the house of God—fellow among prophets and, apostles (Ephesians 2:20). No one, not even the prophet is above you. Your mission is as important as theirs. Before you came to earth you mingled with God and planned for your brethren, just as brother Joseph. You are called to be a servant, just as the President is. The greatest Warrior is the greatest servant. Serve your president, don’t worship him. He is blessed to have you just as much as you are blessed to have him. Honor your president by honoring my Holy Spirit that is present and working in him. Accept that you have a mysterious and wonderful work to do beside this man.

Later that Spring (June, 2004) the Stake President came to my ward. My family usually sits near the front of the chapel. After the meeting, the President happened to walk up to me and shake my hand. The Warrior in me arose swifter than ever, roused this time, interestingly, by my feelings of flattery---those seemingly innocuous feelings of deference that covertly and insidiously fan embers of envy, inequality and eventual misery. In an instant, flattery was doused, and the Devil’s minions cowered, as I was reminded again that the President and I are equal, fellow Warriors. Feelings of flattery were replaced by feelings of gratitude and compassion for the hard work and tremendous sacrifices of the President. The Spirit Of God like fire was burning inside of me. And this time the rise of negative self-judgments sounded a watchcry that rousted the Warrior to possess me. In that moment I felt and acknowledged that it was the President’s privilege, just as much as mine, for us to make such contact. No envy. Both quarterbacks. Heck, if life was the NFL, I felt in that moment like we were two franchise owners shaking hands. It was a good place to be. The Warrior—a good person for me to be.