biking with Jesus

"Mother Teresa loved believing that she was ministering to Jesus, while other people may prefer to believe other things as they go about their day."
- The Hunt Is On! Finding More Glory In Yourself, Others and Everyday Life, p. 15.

LOW GLORY: My nine year old boy Matthew likes riding bikes with me. The other day I had just crossed the street and was heading up the canyon road, when he called out to me from our yard, "Dad, where are you going?" I said, "I'm headed up the mountain." He said, "Can I go with you?" I paused for a moment, thinking 'I'm all set to go, I'd have to wait for him to get ready.' I called to him saying, "how about we ride later today?" I could see his disappointment.

HIGH GLORY: Just then I remembered a belief that I have been trying to practice...and believe. I quickly rehearsed that belief in my mind, "Greg, Matthew is Jesus, and Jesus apparently wants to ride bikes with" So I called, "Matt...get your bike, and let's go ride." When I got home that morning I was able to write something truthful, factual and more glorious than I had ever before claimed in my journal (or mind) about bike riding. I wrote, "I just got back from a bike ride with Jesus. We raced and I let him win."