x high glory - going nuclear: the sweet taste of high glory

LOW GLORY: It seems ridiculous to point out that the sun has a bright spot that is really hot. It seems equally ridiculous to point out that people who believe and testify of an All-Knowing, All-Seeing God Of All Creation might believe something that a person (who does not believe in such a being) would regard as quirky, provocative and even arrogant.

Finding fault with a believer is not like finding a needle in a hay stack. It's like finding a needle in a big pile of needles.

All you have to do is pick up even the most common needle to needle the believer.

Why not prick him with something like, "So, I understand that you think the Father God actually hears and answers your prayers and your children's prayers. And that you 'know ' Jesus lives and He is your personal Savior."

Surely an non-believer wouldn't need to come up with more than this to fully justify his thinking, if not saying to, the believer,
"[Wow!]...that smacks of the most arrogant self-delusion I have ever witnessed coming from a person not-wearing a straight jacket."

MEDIUM GLORY: When I first started writing my book, "The Hunt Is On! - Find More Glory In Yourself, Others and Everyday Life" I knew that God was calling me to bypass conventional low-energy ways of change...to go straight to the core nuclear reactor. I knew then that it would be a place of the greatest power and the greatest danger. But God has never asked me to play it safe.
It's like he sent us to a high-stakes Vegas game. I want you guys to sell the farm, go down there, and put all of it on the table. Risk everything, even your eternal salvation. Do your best.
I said, cool.
In the realm of beliefs I don't think he wants me to play it safe. God wants me to believe things about myself, others and my everyday life that are so grand they border and being grandiose, so expansive they are nearly a stretch, almost unbelievable.
HIGH GLORY: But Greg, isn't it enough just to say, "I'm ok, and your ok?" Yes, perhaps for some people (see my book chapter 7; The Option, pg. 14.) But not for me.
What I need is not what everyone needs. What I need to believe about myself, others and my everyday life (if I am to love and then live Jesus' gospel, let alone any truth) is to believe things as glorious as this (and more so),
...you have been born at this time for a sacred and glorious purpose. It is not by chance that you have been reserved to come to earth in this last dispensation of the fulness of times. Your birth at this particular time was foreordained in the eternities. You are to be the royal army of the Lord in the last days. You are “youth of the noble birthright.” (Hymns, 1985, no. 255.) - E.T. Benson

Why do I, let alone others, need so much glory?
First because Ezra Benson is simply telling the truth...it just happens to be glorious.
Second, such glorious beliefs help me honor myself, my mission, those around me and my life. If I can believe such things as Elder Benson declared about who I am and who others are I find I can more easily slow down a bit and help the stranger by the wayside (since I am already glorious I can take a few more moments with my children who are themselves fellow generals in this real war-in-heaven-come-to-earth), I can fight the good fight (low glory temptations aren't so tempting when you have high glory) and rest from my cares (I can more easily cease envying the accomplishments of others and be satisfied with my own glorious accomplishments).
No doubt some people can do these same things believing a lot less energetic/provocative things than I or Elder Benson do.
Good for them.
For me, to love and live Jesus' gospel (let alone any truth) it helps if I 'go nuclear' with my beliefs. That is, to reveal not just a little, but the absolute most glorious things I can believe about myself, others and my everyday life.

High glory beliefs let me find a sweetness in myself, others and my daily life that makes it so that no one has to force some (their) truth down my throat (no more, Greg it's good for you, just eat it!).

Let me take a truth about myself, others and my everyday life to my nuclear kitchen, were I will add my favorite special spice of high glory. Then I will feast willingly and often.