x Dandelions - dandelion lessons

Dandelions remind me.....

1.) That even if people do adapt to eat gross things (like beer, yogurt) they will usually only do so for good reasons...to belong

(missionaries eat gross stuff to belong and to shock)

2.) People gravitate to sufficiency....people are stopped by being fine with what they do already...

 other than being deviant is much like other good, healthy things

3.) need to tell stories (when I was a kid I needed to tell stories)....the rancher eats rocky mt. oysters, but doesn't swap his steaks for balls.

In schools we make people eat dandelion equivalents (don't taste good to most folks, most would defer) equals math and other subjects, as part of a program  (thus, having incentives---grades and belonging to american cultural values---can get the job done)

Dandelions won't make you live forever...I don't think....nor will exercise, etc.

like Mormonism (FHE, )

Dandelion comparison