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"The positive deviants were going to rice paddies and collecting tiny shrimps and crabs to mix with the rice," says Sternin. "They also collected sweet-potato greens -- which conventional wisdom considered low-class food -- and mixed them with the rice. They were supplementing the carbohydrates with protein and vitamins. And positive deviants displayed all kinds of caring behaviors: frequency of feeding, active feeding. They fed children who had diarrhea, for example, even though conventional wisdom said no to this."

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Note, my website is refers to a hunt (thehuntison.com).  That reference is aimed at featuring the Top Finds of Positive Deviants like me...

Positive Deviants like me will be invited to list (link to, explain, better-yet demonstrate) their "PD - Top Finds" ---those specific attitudes, practices, behaviors that have led to better (than normal) outcomes in their lives.

A place to document practices and attendant results.

FOUNDATION METAPHOR:....I will frame this (with my page/tab on tiny crabs) which will serve as an intro to my point that  OUR (us Positive Deviants') Top Finds are essentially equivalent to the "tiny crabs", shrimp and potato greens"  that can be added to rice (normal food) Vietnamese rice paddy farmers put into their children's breakfast rice meals.  Thus, Jerry Sternin's example will be set up as a foundation (of understanding) of what the "Top Finds" are:


Some Examples of Greg's TOP FINDS: (this list will link to my own page where I will crate a list of my top finds), for example:

Greg - PD - Find 1. High Glory Concept (www.highglory.com) including various links, to: my 3-minute videos (e.g. an intro with Steve and I jamming about high-glory stories and importance of story), link to my book on high-glory, plus more...I will discuss how how my little stories (tiny crabs) have been added to my regular (rice) parts of life (e.g. psychological-spiritual wellness) for me and my family and other in my group(s).

Greg - PD - Find 2. Zone 4/NextLevel.  In a video chat I will discuss my story of meeting up with Norm, studying for years with him, and the key (for me) "tiny crabs" that (in the end) have ended up in my and my families' rice bowl every day since. (those tiny crabs would be Zone 4....with more waiting in the wings when we can get to them, i.e. farmer Norm also prescribes a host of other goodies: shrimp, potato greens, etc.).  I will show how I am using Zone 4 as a "Self Positioning System" (like a GPS), something I see missing in our world.  I will eventually link to my website (which I am building) www.selfpositioningsystem.com

Greg - PD - Find 3. Doing Humanitarian Service Projects at home....here the idea...and here a link to a blog where people post their PD version of a humanitarian service project ("I did the dishes for my wife...I count it as humanitarian service project by....)

Greg - PD - Find 4. Kneegull.org (Do you want the highest scouting honor)...link to video....create a patch...formalize the requirements for the kneegull, then invite my family and others to this high calling

Greg - PD - Find 5. Dandelion.....Eating wild edibles (my God's Garden).  Greg is harvesting a garden that grows in most people's yards (he calls it God's Garden) it is freely given and freely received.  Dandelions become the ultimate metaphor for Positive Deviance, as every part of the dandelion is edible and ranks in nutrition near the top of all plants (like Spinach).  It is trampled under foot, treated as a thing of not, even passionately and expensively:

I am very taken by the concept of positive deviance. Deviance is generally viewed as a bad thing. But on one end of the curve, we find deviance in the form of excellence, the very behavior we want to promote. Systems don’t like either positive or negative deviance, though, and are designed to crush both. So if we take risks to be excellent, the system will push back.

I will show how I am incorporating dandelions (and other wild edibles) into my One Week Menu, and increasing my garden harvest all the while reducing my/the traditional energy spent gardening.

Greg - PD - Find 6. Strategic Volunteerism.....My Unconventional approach to building resumes (fast, fast) and networks.

Greg - PD - Find 7. Kits.

Greg - PD - Find 8. My Mormon Beliefs, revisited:  My new, PD takes on everything from sacrament, church attendance, miracles, etc.

Greg - PD - Find 100. ??????