x KneeGull Award


    The KneeGull Award is the nation's highest scouting honorTo earn this award a scout must complete one simple requirement:
    THE ONE REQUIREMENT.  Have a person of high integrity (e.g. your bishop, pastor, rabi, parent, spouse, or grandparent) certify in writing that you have accomplished something greater than all of the following combined (or an equivalent list that you create and we approve): win 7 Tours de France, win 6 NBA championships, summit Mt. Everest 6 times, be first person on the moon, be lead singer of a top rock band, discover E=mc2.

    SIGN UP.  To enroll in the KneeGull Scout Program (yes, it's free) please email me at kneegull@thehuntison.com.  I will send you the necessary certification kit.  Once you complete The One Requirement, I'll send you the KneeGull Award.  At that time, if you choose, you can order the KneeGull patch----a professionally designed symbol (and reminder) of your high accomplishment.