x KneeGull Masteries

Requirement for the KneeGull Award: complete any 3 of these KneeGull Masteries.

This page is under development, currently just lists some titles and brief descriptions of art pieces we have created in our jam sessions.  Come back later to explore each piece (links to books, movies, etc.)

NEAGLE AWARD (aka Kneegull Award) - the highest scouting honor

Relationship-Mastery - Get the most beautiful person in the world to fall in love with you (see Beauty)
Self-Mastery - Agree to not watch R-rated movies for the rest of your life (C.P.A.A.)
Self-Mastery - Draw one picture that is better than one of Picasso's
Master the basics of Self Positioning System (SPS)
Master the Speeding Bullet
Master Strategic Volunteerism
Self-Mastery - Compose and perform a song that is better than a current Top 40 hit
Self-Mastery - Get your KIT together
Self-Mastery - wear a helmet when you drive in the car
Self-Mastery - write a gospel-rock fusion song in  fulfillment of Isaiah's prophesy
Self-Mastery - purchase a summer home for less than 50 dollars
Self-Mastery - go hiking in the mountains 200 days out of the year
Self-Mastery - get furniture like rich people's, for free
Self-Mastery - eat 10 pounds of dandelions or other wild edibles in a yearSelf-Mastery - teach the lesson, "Twin Peaks Of Desire....There's nothing I want more than that, except"
Self-Mastery - design and wear (to church or other formal occasion) a tie (Thin Bolo Tie)
Self-Mastery - at least 90% of the time, for ten years, eat less than a one week menu (the same thing again, again)
Self-Mastery - eat at least 1.5 pounds of bug parts, feces with your food
Self-Mastery - teach And Living - the principle that makes hunting and fishing fun/worthwhile
Self-Mastery - retell The Good Samaritan "hops on one foot, singing my favorite song with an Irish accent"
Self-Mastery - Brown Lawn -
Self-Mastery - European Vacation (worth-ratio check...to squeeze it's a story confession is a key element in our art)