x positive deviance Therapy

Positive Deviance is a therapeutic tool used in individual and group settings.

Self Therapy.  It would be disingenuous of me to invite you to use Positive Deviance for practical and therapeutic purposes as though it was something new, since you already use it in spades, to great effect in every area of life..., usually quite automatically.  The aim of My Art is to make the obvious inescapable, to help you understand you are a natural-born master of Positive Deviance.  You learned how to speed on your own, you can certainly figure out ways to be even more positively deviant, all on your own.  Again, feel free to use My Art as a place to start.

Group Therapy.  Sometimes it is useful and enjoyable (sometimes crucial) to get feedback from others with expertise.  I conduct individual and group Positive Deviance therapy sessions, what I call "jam sessions"---relaxed, lively, informal conversations in which we explore, as individuals or in groups, the ways Positive Deviance makes our lives easier, more interesting and worthwhile (we find it, we celebrate it!).  We foray to discover the great hidden potential Positive Deviance has for increasing awareness and insight, managing stress, improving relationships, increasing cognitive and creative abilities, attaining valued achievements and self fulfillment. If you are intrigued, send an email to jamsession@thehuntison.com.  I'll send you a message telling you how to join me for an online one-on-one or group jam session.  Your initial consultation is free.

Certification.  Perhaps you would like to become certified in Positive Deviance Therapy (PDT).  I offer a 6-week certification class.  For information send an email to  certify@thehuntison.com.