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dandelion.  I admire artists (painters, sculptures, photographers, filmmakers) who find worth and beauty in that which is close-at-hand but often ignored or disdained by society (e.g. grandma's wrinkled face and hands, grandpa's quirky remedies), similarly I delight in effective solutions that are easy, immediate, yet often overlooked or laughed at or sneered at because they are merely hard to believe.    Learn more.  

book.  Dr. Suess' The Cat In the Hat" can fit on one page, and software comes in alpha, beta and beyond versions.  This is the firm and familiar foundation of logic from which I foray to create One Page Version Books.  Learn more.

summer.  We have four kids and one bathroom in our century-plus old home.  One day I said to my wife, with a sigh, "You know, this little-old cramped house of ours would be just fine..., as a summer home.  It's a lot like my Irish friend's summer cottage on the coast.  And it's much like our next-door neighbor's summer home; nothing fancy, quaint and comfortable." Just then,  it dawned on me...  Learn more.

marathon.  Each year I get together with other top athletes who have the courage to participate in an extreme sporting event. Learn more.

little ditty.  These "haiku songs" are a fusion of music improv and the less-is-more principle.  Learn more.

beauty.  In 2013 I held a nationwide beauty contest so that I could (like People magazine does each year) find the most beautiful woman in the world. Surprise! My wife took first place, Jennifer Aniston took second place and Megan Fox took third.  Learn more.