z My Bullying Scrapbook...

Solution Tree (Low Hanging, Medium or High Hanging Fruit): Apples - cameras....

Picture of a solution tree.....Camera solution (give teachers limited immunity...can't be used to prosecute misdemeanors and)....put on a website.. TEACHER UNION...WHAT OBJECTIONS WOULD YOU HAVE TO CAMERAS IN SCHOOL?

cameras in the classroom: http://safety.lovetoknow.com/Keep_Security_Cameras_Out_of_School_Classrooms

Problem with Definitions: http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=5SvJbJxi2v4&feature=related

What solutions do you have for kids who are victims of bullying....
What do you want the victim to do (they should tell....what are you going to do to stop repercussions)....they will have to go to zone3???

(we will petition the court the keep a restraining order....witness protection program)

What if he did this to a teacher?

Pushes boy....pushes girl...pushes teacher....pushes principle...pushes visiting parent....pushes police officer (same response?)

When does it become the police dept. problem....

Why are police not staffing enough to cover the route home

Norm suggests this video on bullying :http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/frustrated-father-apologizes-school-bus-confrontation-11688087

I love unconventional solutions---many of my solutions won't be implemented because of the cost...but I think it is going to take an unconventional solution to fix the problem

Zone away.not play on my team  greg even if your gifts....I denial your gifts

What percent of your students are bullies (write it on paper)....7% you get an A (when you went to school, how many were bullies)....what your teacher have written.

What percent of the students would you consider as being bullied (25%??)...kids percieve bullying different thaan others

Retirement solution (low hanging fruit), would work....like cameras would work...but won't do it.

Sue the school every time it happens.....

how much bullying is allowed...its not allowed...give me a solution that you know would stop bullying (ask teachers)....first time a bully bullies....aid for the rest of the school year (school would stop it)....anytime a teacher sees bullying going on (teacher has to have the child during recess).....teachers wouldn't report bullying.. (not to the level of has to be my school at recess).

(HAVE)What has your school tried....what program has you used...

Are you willing to treat it like a crime...then you would have leeway...copys can't stop random acts of violence...if it gets defined as a crime, it becomes a random acts of violence....

What is boys will be boys behavior....what is bullying and at what point do you call cops when bullying is going on....you allow physical contact (pushing , but not hitting)...I push and the kid falls down the stairs...or do you call the cop on the outcome (but if it doesn't draw blood).  Where do you draw the line...at what point do the cop.  HOW MUCH BULLYING DO YOUR COPS ALLOW IN TOWN.  They allow speeding.  What is the speed limit in front of your school....how fast can I go 23...so how fast can I go....how much can I bully...it is open to interpretation (teachers)....if my kid is intimidated by it....like porn, know it when I see it.....passive agrression, ldon't let someone to play on your team....

I'll meet you in the parking lot (Steve says it is the same....my kid shouldn't have to worry about it...I hope your kid fights back)

Post the posted speed limits and the ones I can go without getting a ticket...does it matter if I am the quarterback, if I push someone will I get the same punishment as the head(druggy)...and what would you do differently if it was a teacher....should the rules be the same?

This is my thinking/collecting page for my upcoming bullying mini-workshop.

there many ways to see the world i see the world through the eyes of a story teller... the abc's of storytelling... i have developed some storytelling kits.....

Step 1 - I am grateful to be able to consider bullying with you...I hope we have an energizing and worthwhile time...I have prepared myself to.  I am grateful to live in a time when people are concerned about bullying....I am grateful (some) bullying has been reduced (or is on its way).

Step 2- Courage....I want to be courageous in our consideration of bullying...think outside the box....new way...honoring what we have want and need....

Winnie The Pooh - Tigger's Shoes

i believe in small and simple things.... the solutions we have a going to the small and simple. the washing has the small 1 simple thing tavern your mouth when you cough is a small and simple thing.

I bully people with solutions (in reaction to their bullying me with theirs)....so I find ways to offer solutions that are soft-going:  main way is to suggest you keep doing what you are doing, just improve it in ways you know how (if you get stuck, come see me)

You already have a very sophisticated set of tools....technology of SPS Tools can help make the obvious inescapable (and easier, faster, longer%inZ4)

i teach people how to write grants

my number 1 job is to teach them that they r t have the basics skills..... i asked them how do you think that i learned how to write grants.  of course i learn them by writing grants

let's play zone 4 bingo... decide when you seen tigger

Google this phrase: ways to combat bullying

Best article here: http://www.apa.org/monitor/oct02/bullying.aspx



Expert Suggests Ways to Combat School Bullying

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ou may have seen Dateline on NBC this week -- Perils of Parenting --