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    We seek extremely small, simple solutions that bring about great results.  It is our passion and art.
    FOUNDATION.  We start each hunt (piece) from a familiar foundation: a common ritual, practice or thing.  For example,
    A Common Practice. We all speed to get where we want to go more quickly than the posted speed limit specifies (speeding safely is an example of "Positive Deviance", the good-natured side of deviance)
    FORAY. Each hunt is a foray, "a venture or an initial attempt, especially outside one's usual area."  For example,
    A New Practice.  Parents, teachers, preachers and police all speed, but until now they have lacked a formal way to teach children, students, congregants and the public how to speed more safely.  Therefore, we created an online course, "Speed Faster", that teaches people how to speed a little bit faster, safer.
    NANO.  The aim of each hunt is to find extremely small, simple, highly-effective solutions.  For example, 
      Very Small/Simple. "What we advocate in this course is very simple: However fast it is that you usually speed (safely), we invite you to speed even faster: a tenth or even up to a half-mile an hour faster! Over your lifetime, this simple practice will save you hours at the wheel. What is more, it will give you an immediate sense of power and freedom (which are among the top reasons people speed, as we discuss in the course). We will show you techniques, such as wearing a helmet when you drive, that allow you get these gains without sacrificing, and even significantly improving, your safety." [from Speed Faster, Course Introduction]

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