event norm and dante


The Lord spoke revelations to me in my sleep (HG) and/or my fitful mind culled a good idea (LG) that popped me up around 2.  (I still have the flu, but I love you)

Anywho, I now understand the significance of your prompt and challenge of yesternight.

In My Glossary of Terms, what you helped (the Lord) helped deliver to me is a Meta-Tweak, that has great value and implications going forward.  (e.g. being aware of my voice is a recent meta-tweak Jesus delivered to me a few weeks ago)

So thank you.

Now the challenge.  'Cause tweaks are only as good as you use them.  But first you have to accept them.  And I do accept your tweak.

Now understand that I also heard in my sleep from that old Crazy Aunt In The Attic, Aunt Fulltruth.  She said, "Oh yea Greg, you do THAT.  Norm does it too, probably just as much as you, if differently.  But oh yeah you do THAT!  Everybody does it"

But what the Spirit spoke to me was even more helpful. "Greg your failure to fully engage is a meta-problem in your life, one that runs through all of Your Events.  And it does, as Norm suggests, makes you labor labor labor with P1 and P2 issues at the sacrifice of P3.  Impacting not just your clients, but every relationship you have.  Learning to fully engage with the needs of others is the tweak you need, to rest from your labors.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me....in Your Events"

The Spirit then told me why I have been led to create the Event Kit.  "Because mastery of the practice of full-engagement will not be any easier for you than losing weight has been.  You will have to rely on me, and the angels I send your way, like Norm and Brian.  The way forward has been set.  I led you to Event #1 (Kinder Shopping With Saebra) for a wise purpose in me, that has much to do with resolving this issue (and then you helping others resolve it in their lives) If you will bring good and much energy to mastering this one event...if you will more fully engage with Saebra...you will learn how to more fully engage with others in Your (other) Events"

As the Spirit spoke to me I could understand to the importance of Event #6 to my future practice with this meta-tweak.  In fact, E6 was the very event that broke my heart and thus laid the foundation for receiving the revelation that came (through the Spirit and Norm).

And now I understand that although Event 1 may seem trivial (or P1/P2 heavy) it is key for me in the practice I must do of being more fully engaged with the needs of others, and LBE.

This choice, to have Event 1 and Saebra as my first (but not only) foundation of understanding (and practice) of full engagement expresses an underlying and Key Principle within the Event Kit paradigm.

I recently found (aka "God led me to...") a writer who expressed this principle well...beautifully 

And "The Divine Comedy" persuaded me that I was not helplessly caught by my failings and circumstances. I had reason, I had free will, I had the assistance of good people—and I had the help of God, if only I would humble myself to ask.
Why did I need Dante to gain this knowledge? After all, my confessor had a lot to say about bondage to false idols and about how humility and prayer can unleash the power of God to help us overcome it. And at our first meeting, my therapist told me that I couldn't control other people or events, but, by the exercise of my free will, I could control my response to them. None of the basic lessons of the Comedy was exactly new to me.
But when embodied in this brilliant poem, these truths inflamed my moral imagination as never before. For me, the Comedy became an icon through which the serene light of the divine pierced the turbulent darkness of my heart. As the Dante scholar Charles Williams wrote of the supreme poet's art: "A thousand preachers have said all that Dante says and left their hearers discontented; why does Dante content? Because an image of profundity is there."  -- source
By the way, this same principle underlies (and explains the theoretical and practical justification for) the direction I am being led to, metaphorically, take My Event on "dates" (to the movies, to books like Dante's, to songs, to friends houses, to church, to school, to conferences, to TED talks)...to get to know My Event more thoroughly---ie. to more fully connect with My Event to the "truths [of my unique life] that inflame my moral imagination as never before".

So, read the blue-highlighted sentence above before you take this compliment and comment in:

COMPLIMENT.  Norm, thanks for being an angel (not just one of the thousand preachers) last night (and so many years) and being willing to challenge me, to try again with me, and again, to understand.  Fully engage me.

COMMENT. The Event Kit (and E1 especially) is my Dante.  And I believe that everyone has an E1 that is their Dante if they would read it.  (to understand the practice and energy flow of Greg in the days, months and years to follow understand this violet  comment)

And I, am Your brother and friend,



(....and off to bed I go)