event step 2

Their House
HOUSE VISITS. You learn new ways when you visit other people's lives (their "House")---you pick up tweaks, small adjustments to use in your own life.  When you eat at someone's house, for example, you notice they prepare their meal differently, perhaps they use different ingredients, cook the meal faster or slower, have different kitchen tools...Or, maybe when you visit their house you see them resolve interpersonal conflict differently than you do, they say or do things differently when they argue. You observe this, then go to your house and try it out: you tweak your meals, conversations or other events.

My House
This video illustrates this house-visiting, tweak-gathering pattern) 

(SIDENOTE: It is a fact of life.  Just as we repeat our meals (90% of the time 90% of people eat less than a one-week menu: they eat the same basic meals week after week for breakfast, lunch and dinner) we repeat our conflict-related events.  Like a meal, we cook our events up with consistency.  Generally, using the same ingredients, doing it the same way over and over...until one day we find (and are motivated to try it) a new way. Sometimes that requires leaving our house and going to the neighbor's to see how they do it.)

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