Jesus Radio Jesus-enriched Song Treasures

#2000 - God's Amazing
Jesus is amaaaaaaazing!  Jesus and his angels created this new, Jesus-enriched prayer-song by converting (baptizing) the earlier composition known as, "Amazing", a beautiful popular song of recovery and redemption that Jesus helped the band Aerosmith create circa 1993.  This song reflects the marvelous works and wonders that Jesus is doing now, in the latter days.  This "Amazing" song heralds the start of vicarious work for the living (Aerosmith band members were still alive in 2020) and for the dead (e.g. Tom Petty, Freddie Mercury).  Many of these redeemed rock songs are destined to be favorite hymns of sanctuary, respite and joy for people during the coming tribulations of The Great And Dreadful Day Of The Lord.  Likewise many of them will be sung by children and adults in Zion 500 years from now.