But what if I need more than three chords?


Try 30...


QUESTION - What if I need more elaborate grant-writing training?



ANSWER: a little thing called Youtube (curated)


The '30 Chords And The Truth' Online Workshop Approximation

Finding Funding 

6 Types of Grants for Nonprofits (and how to find them)

How To Find Grants for Nonprofits | Grants to Apply for in 2022 | Anedot

Tips for getting grants for new and small nonprofits

Free Government Grants For Individuals And Small Businesses (Top 5 Best)

Grant Writing Basics: How to Find Grants for Nonprofits

Planning and Organization 

How to Write a Grant Proposal Step by Step

How to Prepare a Grant Narrative "Skeleton" or Template

Video 2: Managing the Grant Timeline - Grant Writing 101

Statement of Need 

 How to write a need statement for your grant proposals

Grant Writing Basics: A Compelling Need Statement!

Grant Writing for Nonprofits and Freelance Writers : Statement of Need

Grant Writing: Problem Statement or Needs Assessment

Project Narrative

Video 6 of 9 // The 7 Steps to Writing a Winning Grant // Write Your Persuasive Narrative

Writing the goals and objectives for the grant proposal

What are goals and objectives in a project proposal and how can NGOs write them effectively?

TEDxEast - Nancy Duarte uncovers common structure of greatest communicators 11/11/2010


Tutorial: How to Write a Grant Budget

Grant Writing: Creating a Well Justified Budget

Grant writing - Budget preparation for your application

Video 4 of 9 // The 7 Steps to Writing a Winning Grant // Develop Your Grant Budget!


Nonprofit Grant Proposal: Implementation Timeline

Supporting Documents 

Grant Funders (almost) Always Ask For These Documents!