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UNWISE QUICKSTART.  Hey Greg, let me just skip this mumbo jumbo, please just take me the traditional ways of teaching about and writing grant proposals:  greg-will-soon-insert-a-link-here-to-a-complete-online-youtube-video-instruction-that-will-teach-the-NORMAL-way.

FORWARD.  You are viewing a very personalized training system that is actually used, as is, by ONE individual, Greg.  It is fit to Greg.  It helps Greg self-reinforce what Greg needs to believe, think, feel and do.

Maybe this training fits you perfectly; maybe it doesn't. 

Either way, it is customizable to your particular needs.  Highly customizable.

It is offered to you as a starting place (an actual "Training Template"), as a turn-key system that can be freely copied, modified and adapted to fit you (personally) and your organization's needs. 

Again, the template/system below may not be a good fit for you, and/or your organization's purposes.  In such case, we recommend that you consider the upcoming entire training as a form of Lorem Ipsum (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorem_ipsum).

The foregoing template works for Greg, only because it is custom-fit to Greg's mission: to help Christian Churches and organizations (particularly those churches, organizations and believers who are interested in radically reforming---substantially reorienting their time, talents and energies and other resources towards building a brand new world where the poor, the misfits, the lonely, and the outcasts of society are helped (more than ever before), by helping SET UP NEW CHURCH OPERATIONS, that include free money-seeking systems and other trainings (starting with a very spartan system for "Grant Proposal Writing" and a corresponding "Program Management" and other systems) that ultimately target (and self-reinforce) the 5 BASICS:

1. Food
2. Clothing
3. Shelter
4. Tools
5. Somebody to love

Regardless of Greg's PECULIAR focus--- (corresponding to Greg's unique mission), there are, of course, many wonderful people, and organizations in this world--- belonging to many different faiths (Christian and non-Christian), and including fully secular organizations and businesses--- that are doing marvelous works and wonders in serving the poor and needy in our society.   

Hallelujah for that!  It takes a community; it takes a world of communities.

Hence, Greg is joining with others, to share freely what was/is/shall-be received freely.  WE are  continually updating and improving this system (this template) based on feedback and results.

We intend to invite all people and groups to what we have been given, for free.  And to see, that a small and simple system (a simple foundation practice) can make a big difference.

One by one, and together, and freely, we can all make a difference! 

========= Greg says, "The biggest challenge in writing a grant proposal is getting yourself to actually do it!.  "First-things-first I need to remind (convince) myself that writing successful grant proposals is relatively easy, and it is getting easier each time I do it in a SYSTEMATIC way".  The first reminder is to be guided by a spirit of "sufficiency" (do my best, forget the rest...and do just enough, and no more).=========

PART 1  - PARADIGM SHIFT (sufficient and elaborate)

This "Grant Proposal Writing" system you are being introduced to expresses a series of paradigm shifts in education and other areas of life that have led Greg to write successful grant proposals with the minimum of time and effort. 

If this were a typical "grant writing workshop", we could simply dive into the nuts and bolts of writing grant proposals and seeking funding.

However, THE HUNT IS ON expresses a new, unique approach to grant proposal writing (and other endeavors), one that is built upon the principle of "SUFFICIENT".  Paradoxically, this very system that  emphasizes sufficiency will simultaneously add many elaborations (necessary for Greg to reorient / re-train himself towards doing less... elaborations that do not encumber traditional/conventional grant writing trainings.

Get used to different.  Get used to sufficient.  Get used to thinking outside the box.  Get used to building new boxes.

GREG PLACE HERE A PICTURE OF A TWO-SIDED COIN.  (The opposite side of the coin of simplicity is complexity, as Albert Einstein's E = mc2 illustrates)


"Three chords and the truth"


"Now form a grant proposal-writing team."


You learn to play the guitar by...

A. Playing the guitar

B. Taking a guitar workshop or class

C. Taking guitar lesson tutorials from a professional

D. Watching Youtube instructions on how to play the guitar

E. Praying and meditating


You learn to write grant proposals by...

A. Writing grant proposals

B. Taking a grant-writing workshop or class

C. Taking grant-writing lessons/tutorials from a professional

D. Watching Youtube instructions on how to write grants

E. Praying and meditating


$$You earn money as a musician by...

A. Performing for audiences 

B. Taking a music performance workshop or class

C. Taking music performance lesson/tutorial from a professional

D. Watching Youtube instructions on to perform

E. Praying and meditating


$$You earn money as a grant-writer  by...

A. Writing grant proposals  

B. Taking a grant-writing workshop or class

C. Taking grant-writing lessons/tutorials from a professional

D. Watching Youtube instructions on how to write grant proposals

E. Praying and meditating

"I've never had anyone not be successful at writing grant proposals, if they were persistent." - Charles Johnson, Public Policy Research Institute

Everything is Work

Everything is work. 
No matter where I turn, I find it.
And so I embrace it.
My work is work.
My family's work.
My friends and my R&R are work.
And so I will work at each.
I will choose to do the thing I'm doing
And nothing else.  
A good friend once told me 
That you rest when you die.
And that seems true, 
For now I must even work at resting
Or I can't sleep.
And perhaps if I truly work at each,
I'll truly rest
When that rest comes which is eternal.

Here is the website link to more poetry treasure by my friend:  https://www.thetracklesspath.com/blog/everything-is-work


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