Dandelion Kimchi

I am going to try this....sounds yummy


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Postby MalliePickleFace on Fri Apr 23, 2010 12:59 pm
Hi! I just munched the last of my first pickled dandelions and I LOVE them! The fermentation process substantially mellows out the bitterness- the same way I can eat a chili or chunk of ginger post ferment- and they have a great flavor- bright and tart. I wanted to ferment some veg and didn't have any around and noticed all the lovely dandelions in the garden....so I read around (saw Sharon's site as well) and decided to go for it. I harvested a nice big bowl of greens (am going to try roots too next time, this is just greens...), washed them, sliced into 2 inch long strips, give or take, and threw them in a jar with some brine (I don't measure my salt), some roughly sliced garlic cloves and a few white peppercorns. I covered this and let it sit; since the greens are delicate, I tasted it every day and by the 2-3 day they were gorgeous, and the bit I left in the jar started to taste off by 5-6 days; it's probably in the mid-60's in my kitchen. I ate them by themselves mostly, but they were great in pita sandwiches and salads...Try it out!

... leaf is washed in a first step, dried to moisture content of 20%, sprinkled with 30% by weight of salt, preserved for 2hr and washed in a second step. Then 90% by weight of the salted dandelion leaf is mixed with 10% by weight of seasonings containing 80% by weight of red pepper, 10% by weight of salted anchovies, 5% by weight of rice porridge and 5% by weight of garlic and fermented for 7 days in an earthen vessel.
Also, while I am at it...this sounds delectable: