To Save The World

» medium glory: ??
» low glory: "stuff" happens…what can I learn from it?

» medium glory: blessings are happening
» low glory: luck is happening

·     "I used to marvel, "Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if I had that 'faith of a mustard seed' that Jesus said could move a mountain (Matthew 17:20)…but now I humbly realize that I have even more faith than a mustard seed, for I have, by my faith, movedmore than a mountain…When I prayed and fasted with my congregation, I was able to bring an end to the drought…at my request, God graciously lifted mountains and mountains of water from the Pacific Ocean and delivered it, right here in the Rocky Mountains, just as I had asked.  Now when it rains, I look up and think, "He brings it still!"

» Revelation Being Received
» medium glory: inspiration came
» low glory: I had a good idea

·     I was sitting there telling Brad, " I try to not put a lot of thought energy into things I can't change…like the War in Iraq…hey, I'm not the commander-in-chief, I can't decide what we do over there, how we do things over there, etc…Just then, God revealed something to meif we're over there just don't want to put a lot of energ…revelation at work

» Prophesy Being Declared/Fulfilled
» medium glory: ???
» low glory: intuition?...

·     ACDC…

» High Stakes Happenings (of Global, Generational, Eternal Consequence)
·     "…'if it be thy will' slow down this hurricane…Amazingly, my telekinetic powers---what most people commonly refer to as the power of prayer---actuated the hand of Almighty God in slowing down the hurricane…as a result, the Associated Press Story this morning read: "'Hurricane Wilma's march toward Florida slowed somewhat Thursday, giving residents an unexpected extra day to prepare for the storm, while authorities stockpiled emergency supplies.'  I am grateful that God has blessed me with this awesome power, and I hope I will continue to use it righteously in serving His holy Princes and Princesses in these tumultuous Last Days."

» Spirit Possessions (including Holy Spirit & Evil Spirits)
·     "…I had never before considered my anger could be channeling evil spirits…allowing 'rulers of the darkness of this world' (Ephesians 6:12)…into my body…perhaps why Jesus warned about expressions of anger putting one in 'danger of hell fire'(Matthew 5:22)…missionaries say, 'Do you feel that Mrs. Jones, that's the Holy Spirit' by the same token they could rightly point out, 'Do you feel that anger Mrs. Jones, that's an Evil Spirit.'"

» Angelic Visits (Present/Ministering) (including Heaven's & Hell's)
·     "…decided to believe something new…a few months ago started practicing believing that my mother Pauline, who passed away when I was eight years old, is present, stays near me, watches over me daily…she is an angel---a spirit---who glories in my accomplishments, protects my children, and ministers to my family…so far this belief has been good for me, so for now I will 'hold fast' to it.

» Works Of God Being Made Manifest
·     Destroying Angel held back…

» Missions and Covenants Being Fulfilled
·     My Goals have become covenants…

» Kingdom Building (Enacting/Expressing Royalty/Establishing Zion)
·     We prayed and turned our house, cars and everything over to God…we need new tires for your car God.

» War and Battles Being Waged (i.e. 'The War-in-Heaven-Come-To-Earth')

·     Children warriors, in the greatest war and battles ever faced…more fierce than they have ever been…we more prepared than ever…

» Heaven & Hell Are Moved (take note/react/assist/ rejoice/weep/nash/etc.)
·     Walmart Mother Teresa, Satan Nash, Angels rejoice, succor,…

» God's Protection and Intervention
·     "I ran down the concourse, my luggage jostling all around me.  When I got in line I was panting.  The gentleman in front of me said, "'You barely made it.  Lucky for you the plane is delayed.'  I said to him jokingly, 'Yea, I was praying all the way here; I'm sorry God held you guys up for me."   And then it hit me!  God did hold the plane up for me.  I felt a little guilty for holding up an airline and making passengers wait…but I also felt a little bit special too."

» Preparations for The Messiah's 2nd Coming (End Of Days/Desolations)

·     The Tsunami I was witnessing a tempest of the ocean…it was God speaking to me that now is the time to repent…for the whole earth to repent…I heard God's voice in the plagues (AIDS)…

1.) Jesus is manifest in others (Matt 5:48)….
a.) As in my journal entry "Biking With Jesus" (
My nine year old boy Matthew likes riding bikes with me…Just then I remembered a belief that I have been trying to practice...and believe. I quickly rehearsed that belief in my mind, "Greg, Matthew is JesusI just got back from a bike ride with Jesus. We raced and I let him win.
b.) As in my journal entry "The Grandma Story" (book chapter 8)
I wish in my youth I had known the liberty that I am now taking. Which is to believe that as I was helping Grandma down the stairs, out to the car and to the Burger Haus, I was (just like Mother Teresa) being a sign of God's love, seeing Jesus, touching Jesus, and taking Jesus out for a hamburger, fries and a coke.
2.) God answers prayers….
a.) As in my journal entry "The Tempest Is Raging" (book chapter 8)
I prayed that, "If it be thy will' slow down this hurricane…"….. But I know that God has said, "Ask and ye shall receive." Taking Him at his word I did ask. And I did receive.
b.) As in my journal entry "Holding Pattern" (book chapter 8)
This was the last flight out to St. Louis. I offered another brief prayer….. It's hard for me to believe, but I can believe that God sent angles to bar the planes departure.

3.) God warns and instructs his children ….
a.) As in my journal entry "The Limits of Reason" (
…Today he is helping me understand that even the most thoughtful people are, even in some of the most important areas of life, basically just winging it….The Great and Eternal King now warns me, his warrior, that there will come people who act like they can reason, and will insist we all should reason, the full mile.
b.) As in my journal entry "Three Levels" (
During the time I was writing my book God revealed to me that he is revealing a similar framework to his other disciples and warriors.