counting glory

LOW GLORY As I mentioned earlier, attending church has been quite a chore for me.

MEDIUM GLORY: I thank God that He is now helping me find what my soul craves: more excitement, intrigue, mystery and wonderfulness at church than I have ever found before. Today he is giving me healing mud, ‘eyes to see’ more glory at church.

HIGH GLORY: To be specific. I testify that had I not attended church all these years my heart and mind would not have been prepared to receive what he has revealed to me; one of the most glorious and useful tools for these Latter-days: more-glory stories.

Angels certainly attend me as I ’count my many blessings’ of church attendance. By doing so I am stripping away the veil which hides the vast glory of church.

Here is a spot of that glory.

A little while ago I was wrestling with a friend’s challenge. After reading about the glory I was starting to find at church, here, he kindly suggested that more-glory stories appear to be, if not exclusively, then mostly relegated to the realm of insight (Being). For him, they seem to have little to do with finding ‘that which matters most’ (Valuing) or accomplishing (Doing) things in ways that result in tangible outcomes (Having). He concluded,

…your [glory-finding] method appears, not as a three-cord system, but more like a one-note view of personal progress.

As I pondered my friends words I received a revelation, which, interestingly, came at mid-day of the most glorious day of the year, Summer Solstice (June 21, 2007). God responded to my friend’s challenge. He revealed to me that the glory-finding method He has revealed to me is not only for insight, but it is a tool that has power to traverse and fully connect with each of the realms my friend thought neglected.

God gave me some examples relating to finding more glory at church.

God helped me realize, that it is (only) by writing more-glory stories that I have found the power (of belief) to slow down a hurricane (see The Hunt Is On!, P. 21), or to repeatedly move mountains of water from the Pacific Ocean unto the Rocky Mountains and ease the drought (see in my journal entry coming soon).

And now I testify in this more-glorious journal entry that it is by going to church that I have learned to strongly believe that God hears and answers prayers. By going to church I have come to strongly believe that God takes the small and simple things of the earth and does powerful things….even things ‘that confound the wise’. Because of church I have been able to nurture a simple faith in Jesus’ words, “Ask and ye shall receive” can apply not only to help me direct my car more safely on the road, but also direct the very path of storms more safely.

Yes. Drought relief. Hurrican relief. Hundreds of thousands of people finding relief. I count these as tangible outcomes all. Finding these outcomes, even achieving them, requires me to ‘believe things that are almost unbelievable’ to me. Such is the exercise of a more-glory story.

NOTE: I consider this the beginning of my work of revealing more glory at church. Here is a start-list for doing so.

· At church I am in the presence of God and angels…I can so testify in my journal

· At church I am involved in the literal gathering of Israel and establishment of Zion on the earth

· At church I am fortifying against the rage of Satan and his army (my attendance a at these meetings are as important as the meetings attended by 5-start generals meeting at the Pentagon)