shifting energy

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Low Glory: Throughout my life I have been defensive. One reason is that I have been 'encumbered by many things'...things in box-B (see graphic) that I have rightly sensed my society values, applauds and normatively accepts. To shift my energy (to make the merchant's trade) I have been working on some powerful, logic defenses (see the last paragraph in my book, 'The Hunt Is On!). These stories have helped me greatly in pushing things in box-B over to box-C.

Medium Glory: Recently I felt the redeeming power of God's grace in my life. I sensed that there is a higher spirit that I can seek that will even more powerfully help me shift things from box-B to box-C. It is love and empathy. I need to cultivate, simultaneously a spirit of high glory and compassion. My story "The Virgin Master" exemplifies a bit of this spirit. In this story I testify of (what many would ridicule as an unfair short-cut to) Master status, akin to Karate Master. This story was written so that I could take my long desire for such status (a desire which was housed in my box-B) and shift it into box-C, the 'river.' By so doing I have begun to free energies for my box-A work. In this Virgin story I found the high glory/compassion spirit (and blend) that I speak of. I say,

Because people fear the unfamiliar, the edge can be a fearful place. The way of the [Virgin] Master is so edgy that many people are apprehensive even talking about it, let alone traveling it. Many people prefer to pursue accomplishments along more familiar, traditional, conventional and supposedly more sure pathways.

For the sake of kindness, peace, and the sanctity of individual liberty, I believe that neither you nor I should coerce others to walk this or any other path.

Most people labor diligently their entire lives, under intense pressure, just to lay claim to lower accomplishments (e.g. to be a mid-level manager in a large corporation). Until such people of their own freewill decide to follow “the way of the Master” we should be circumspect. We should not wave our colossal accomplishments in anyone’s face, nor even speak of it, except on occasion to kindly remind them that such a way exists.

High Glory: What I have written here is a prelude to more glory that I will reveal in coming stories wherein I will find more glory in (my and other's) personal growth. I shall soon reveal that what I above refer to as energy shifts, has to do with discernment of spirits, has to do with the work I am called to: spirit possession work (see The Hunt Is On!, pg. 27); the spirit of the Warrior; the Spirit of God -the Great 'Energy' Shifter.