z art Intro

    As Positive Deviants we create unconventional art.  So, a brief orientation is in order.
    Things to keep in mind as you look at Piece I, II and III.
    1.)  Each piece is a collage, "...a work of formal art...made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole" (Wickipedia).  We assemble movies, books, pictures and other things that all fit together, in a puzzle-like manner, to express the underlying theme.
    2.) The underlying theme of each piece is introduced with a simple observation.
    3.) Piece I, II and III are "version art."  They are created to be continually improvised and re-visioned.  Each piece lives and grows as we do.  Return in a month or two and you'll see new versions, with new elements and insights added to each piece.
    4.) Sequential: Piece 1 prepares you for Piece 2, which, in turn prepares you for Piece 3.