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    The One-Page Version Book reminds me that "small and simple things bring about great things when great energy is brought to them" (source).  This beautiful principle is illustrated by my book Move More, Eat Less...or, Just Eat Less, wherein I was able to pack all of the essential information a person needs to successfully lose weight into one small simple book that has exactly 152 words!...which just happens to be near the same word count as one of my other favorite books, a book that has been read and loved by millions of adults and children throughout the world.  The book is Good Night Moon, my gold standard for what qualifies as a "book" and a meaningful accomplishment.   Since adopting this standard I have been able to write books and do other similar things in only a few minutes, instead of months and years.
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    Read my one-page version book about The One Page Version Book.
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    Have you ever wanted to be an author?  Well now you can, very easily, following my tried and true method, or following methods developed by others, here.  You can author a book in mere minutes.  Give it a try.
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    The genius underlying my positively deviant books can be extended to every area of life, as I demonstrate here, here, here, here, here, here and here.  But to me the more astounding truth is that we, all of us, already do these kind of things, as I point out here, here, here, here and here. (this foray is currently in development)