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Good Night Fatty: Move More Eat Less....or, Just Eat Less
Everything You Need To Know About Losing Weight

another small, simple book by 

Dr. Greg O. Muller

In my big big body
there was a voice
and red red flags
pointing to a picture of
dreams gone mad

the full moon circled round a cow that was me
when I counted there were three
little ants, moving a blubber tree plant
each wore mittens, meowed like kittens
and snickered 'bout a mouse, big as a house

they'd crammed him full of cheese
when the hungry old man whispered "please"

So goodnight fatty

goodnight big 'ol bowls of ice cream

goodnight space cow goodnight endless chow

goodnight big macs goodnight balloon tummy

goodnight blubber-hauling ants good night tight pants

goodnight my heavy feet goodnight big chunks of meat

goodnight rolly goodnight polly

goodnight curves goodnight biggest loser

goodnight weight-loss books and goodnight my bad looks

goodnight sofa goodnight bottom groove, I gotta move

and goodnight hungry old man whispering "please"

goodnight sugar bowls goodnight sugar lows

goodnight crazy cravings everywhere


Note to the reader: this artistic book is available in hardcopy for purchase (Retail - $50.00).  Also, for those who want a more conventional-length book, I can easily bring the page count up to 350 pages (I will add pictures, larger font and a few hundred pages where you can journal your weight loss challenges, goals and thoughts).