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What if you were a mulitbillionaire but didn't know it?  What if for years you had been making  monthly deposits in the amount of hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars (you have), but you have largely remained unaware of it?
There is a new way to account for (and more fully employ and enjoy) these deposits and vast holdings.  The picture above points the way.  You are looking at real currency, in the amount of $100,000.   Let me tell you how my wife and I earned, deposited and use this bill.  As I tell our story you will see how you too can become a  multibillionaire.


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My wife and I made a large deposit, $100,000REL, into our relationship account recently.  We earned the money in the course of doing a little project together: a weekend get-away, wherein we spent time re-energizing (i.e. re-capitalizing) our marriage as we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary (developing.....)  


(how how we added dollars by investing in our relationship/in one-another: during the get-away Greg and Saebra invested high-quality energy in the form of acts of Christ-like kindness, tenderness, prayer, and other co-creating activities that bond us...even to death and beyond),

(show how we lost some dollars along the way: there were minor irritations expressed as we both grew tired from eating and playing, perhaps some mis-spending (the lousy movie we sat through)

(show how we totaled and tallied: in the end this trip was worth an increase of 100K.  Yes, maybe small for multibillionaires like us, but not throw-away pocket change

(discuss how we converted some of our USD and SLF dollars to multiply REL dollars

(create and add the SLF 100K dollar picture below....create links to other denominations: I will create 10K, 100K, 1m and 1b bills.

Here is a picture of $100,000 USD

Here is a picture of $100,000 SLF

Picture Here...

subtract the dollars...minor irritations expressed as we both grew tired from eating and playing

    Notes.....(this information below is probably best served up via a link embeded in the text somewhere above

    Tangible capital is only one of the three capitals.

    SELF CAPITAL (SLF) - the value/worth of our self (e.g. gifts, strengths)

    SOCIAL CAPITAL (REL) -  the value/worth of in relationships with others (e.g. trust, availability to help)

    TANGIBLE CAPITAL (USD) - "hard"/physical things (like money, assets, etc.) we possess

    DEEP LINK....For those who are super curious and follow the links of light....I will link to my full truth.... explaining that my personal calculations of worth..... I recently inherited 23 billion dollars from my Father (in heaven).  He is God.  I actually fasted and prayed about the 23 billion amount and it Father confirmed (I believe he said, "yea, that's a fine estimate to start with Greg...you are probably low-balling yourself, but start there until you have greater capacity to envision worth.....in time I will show how you and Father Abraham can legitimately claim multi-trillion dollar and above inheritances....Then, I will show how you can use/invest this money to create even more worth.....without end.  Real money, for real.  As real, in many ways, more real than the USD in your pocket)

    (The other day I let my bishop Tullis know that I had recently inherited a very large amount of money from my Father...he smiled once he had the facts...but this is just the start.  My SLF and REL wealth shall be treated separate but equal to my USD wealth...and I shall share such interactions as I did with my bishop in other traditional forums---offers of my wealth in such terms, even if it seems Quixotic.  I and others (with the priesthood of God and our inheritance) are equals to the Hunstman's of the world.  We too can establish foundations (that help people find places to poop) and endowements (that help keep institutions afloat)...especially, but not exclusively, using REL and SLF dollars (cause we already do).

    I will also show people (and myself) how to do what our fellow billionaires do with their money.

    For example, have you ever heard of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

    I am currently setting up the Greg and Saebra Muller Foundation.  We are planning to seed this foundation with over 2 billion dollars (SLF + REL+USD) in working capital.  We will soon join with other organizations, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to make huge changes in the world.

    For example, our foundation will soon be announcing over $1.5 millionREL  in grants to fund new poop places (we will be joining the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's effort you can read about here:

    Reinvent the Toilet