event faq

Questions and Answers

Que: What is the purpose of this website?

Greg: The purpose is to introduce people to a kit ("The Event Kit") and an associated project that I am working on (so that, if they choose, they can do likewise).

Que: Do you intend for me to join your project?

Greg: No.  This is a personal project.  However, I would hope that after you get a look at what I am doing (my project) you might be inspired to do your own personal project of picking an event, tweak it and score it (e.g. on a scale of 1 to 5) to document how well you did---"This time by tweaking my event did I do better than usual?  Worse than before? Or, about average."  And then, if you want, share your score with someone who cares---perhaps a family member, a friend, a co-worker, and/or the entire world (so we can learn what you are doing, how you are doing it...and we can maybe help you and be helped by your example).

Que: So if I did a similar project you and others could learn from it, like I might learn from your project, right?

Greg: Yes.  If you decided to share your "Event Kit" and project online I could view how you are tweaking your events, what methods you are using for sharing them with others, how you are getting input from others, and so forth.  That could help me get my kit together, and further my project.

Que: How long will this project of yours last?

Greg: For me this is a life-long-learning project.  I intend to keep working on it until I go to the other side (hopefully at age 81).

Que: If I do this, do I have to work on the project for my whole life?

Greg: No. Well..uhm.  Actually.  Yes.  Kind of.  Because, as I stated above (and I do believe this) you will keep playing out your events in life....pretty much the same way....like a broken record ('Play it again Sam').  So yes, in a way everyone is and has been  working on a project like this one (their event) whether they know it or not (maybe they are playing their event the same way for 23 years like I did).  

Que: I see, so we are all working on our events every day...but maybe not knowingly.

Greg:  Right.  And we all have an "Event Kit" (a collection of things---thoughts, feelings, actions, strategies, devices, etc.---that we use for a specific event).  And maybe we are not getting better at the events.  And maybe we have never put in place a way to know if (and to what extent) we are getting better at the events over time...we don't know our score.

Que: Your project is about putting a system of personal mastery in place, right?

Greg:  Yes.  For me, it is a 4 step system.  The purpose of which was to help me become more conscious of, focused on, committed to and accountable for changing my selected event(s)---and by extension other similar events ("Twin Events").

Que: So, you basically decided to treat your selected event(s) special...to make a project of them.  Right?

Greg: Exactly right.  Because I believe that without this "project" of mine there is a very good chance that my shopping event (and others like it), that I effectively repeated for 23 years of marriage, would continue to play out the same way (my score would stay the same) in years 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29....and so on, till the end. 

Que: You don't want that.

Greg: No.  And strongly enough NO!! that I am willing to make it a project...a life-long learning (LLL) project.

Que: So, if I am interested in doing a project like yours, how do I start?

Greg: Simple. Do Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Then repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 for a month...and if you want keep repeating your practice for a year, then ten years...and a lifetime. 

Que: So, looking at the steps you list...I see that I will find an event (Step 1), find a tweak (Step 2), tweak and score my event (Step 3) and repeat.

Greg: Right.  And hopefully, you will be improving your score over time.  And, sharing your score (Step 4) with others, perhaps your spouse, your child or others...and getting their input (e.g. suggested tweaks, encouragement, critique).

Que: Can I choose more than one event?

Greg: Sure.  Choose as many as you want.    But I suggest you start with one.  For most people this is a new process.  Something they have never done before.  Focusing first on one event makes it most manageable.  Keep in mind that if you tweak one event (Prototypical Event), you will (be able to see how to) tweak many (thousands of) similar events. 

Que: Ok.  I get it.  Now, I think that I want to do like you---to lead by example(LBE). I want to do my own project and then to share my efforts with my family.... and eventually maybe others....to inspire them to do a similar project...but also to get their feedback.  So how can I go about sharing my project progress with them?

Greg: I will soon show you how (there are lots of no-cost options...you could use a website, facebook, google documents, etc.). Stand by for further instructions here, on my website.