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Where do you find your best tweaks?  (sources may include any form of scripts including script(ures), movies, songs, books, stories, art, dreams...etc.)

Where else might you look for tweaks that you have not?

What tweaks have you used to change/improve your events lately?

Do your tweaks stick?  Have you mastered them?  Do you do them consistently?  Or, do you easily fall back into old event patterns?  Why?  What can you do about it?

What tweaks are you aware of but have not yet really tried?

Do you have useful/proven tweaks that you do (could) share with others?  Your family, friends, neighbors?  When do (will) you?

What are your top 10 tweaks?  (Soon you can click "here" for my top 10 tweaks I am using on my event)

Norm's House is like going to a warehouse...or Home Depot....so so many (and Norm is not just a supplier, but a serious builder as well)....

Going to the movies....


what is a tweak?  

verb - informal
improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it.
"engineers tweak the car's operating systems during the race"
synonyms:adjust, modify, alter, change, adapt;

"a tweak is a "baby step" or a "toddler step"

Step 2: find and set up a tweak
For each of your selected events, make a list of possible tweaks, and choose one you want to try first.  Then, set up the tweak---so that  you are ready to use it when your event comes around again. 

Example:  Greg's Tweak List

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12/11/13, 5:00 AM
Pacific Standard Time