event glossary

If you stay in the same little town that is your known life you won't need to learn any new street names, nor new people with their peculiar colloquialisms and jargon, let alone their slang.  

But if you are 'Swept Off' down the road, you might.

As it says in the Bible, "In the Beginning was the Word..."  If you are to view, let along understand and use new technologies, new methods, new paradigms, you will inevitably be learning new terms.

So it is with the Event Kit I am sharing with you.

And to help you 'Keep Your Feet' here are some of the terms and definitions you'll run into as you 'Go Out Your Door' into mine.

The Event Kit Glossary of Terms

Event - a thing that happens, especially one of importance 

Event-Based Learning - "a pedagogic strategy that goes under
a variety of names: situated learning; project based learning; and to some
extent, experiential learning."

Event Kit - a collection of things that help you have a more successful Event

Houses - places I can visit with My Event (movie-house, church-house, school-house, etc.) in tow

Meta-Tweak - a minor adjustment (improvement) that you want to make to My Event that has implication across many, if not all, of My Events

My Event - an identified Event that recurs in my life (see Prototypical Event)

Prototypical Event - a single Event that is representative of similar recurring events

Travel With My Event - taking My Event to destinations, especially new destinations (see Houses)

Tweak - fine-tuning or an adjustment that I make to improve My Event

Possible terms....Meta-Problem - a fundamental issue or problem that runs through more than one, and perhaps the majority of Your Events. eveloping........I may want to link the words to video and/or text examples