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Take Your Event To The Movies
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way that we can better understand life,  and more specifically, the recurring
 in life is by viewing similar events in other people's lives.
 By likening ourselves, our stories---that is, by connecting OUR
Story to THEIR Story
, we can gain valuable insights (and tweaks).
 There are many ways to "view" the stories of others---to get a
window into their lives---including movies, scriptures, songs, books, articles,
life stories, pictures, conversations, etc."   ---Greg M.

One of the ways to work towards mastery of your event is to get to know your event more intimately (e.g. be able to identify it more readily when it occurs, or is about to occur; be able to anticipate your response/tweak and the likely response of others).

To get to know your event more thoroughly, I recommend you take your event on "dates." 

Example:  Greg Goes To The Movies With His Event 

Actually, running into the movie clip above was spontaneous, rather than a planned date.  Because we (my family and I) had been talking about my Kinder Shopping With Saebra Event over the past month, we all could quite immediately "see My Event" in the Robertson Clan's Event, above.  


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Published on
12/1/13, 6:04 AM
Pacific Standard Time