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My first experience with this foray-from-foundation approach to mastery was in the years I spent mastering my "One-Week" food menu, which consists of 21 meals (read my book here).  The one-week menu is based on the observation that life flows in in a one-week rhythm; as humans we live in "small circles" that tend to repeat (I discuss this in version 2.0 of my book here).  Bottom line, my experience with food mastery convinced me select a small, finite set (21) of events that serve as a foundation from which I can foray with confidence, ease and familiarity.  I call it "My One-Week Event Menu."

I document my mastery work at this website.


Food mastery reinforced my belief that less is more...and a lot less is a lot more.  For example, as I worked towards mastery of my first meal, pepperoni pizza, I came to understand the magic of high mastery, where you can get phenomenal results out of very small and simple things.  As I explain in version 1 of my book, when I "married" pizza I beheld...


As I embark on mastering My One-Week Event Menu, I will be following this pizza pattern.  I will "marry" 21 events.  I believe that you and I will find greater abundance by fiercely focusing on 21 events than if we tried to muddle through or master 1,000 events.  This is my faith work, and mission.  If you like it, click on Step 1.


Life flows as a series of events.  Each event has a start and an end.  Some events are long, some are short.  Some crucial, some trivial.  Hard or easy.  They happen in the morning, afternoon and evening; at home, at work, at church, at the store, in the car, in public, in private...


During an event I make choices about how I feel, what I think, say and do; choices that inevitably influence how the event goes, turns out.

Variations on on a theme, they are.

For example, perhaps you choose a meal event, say dinner that you ate last night, to represent all the different meal events that you would like to tweak (improve), because you feel like what you eat and how you eat are the most important events you can focus on right now because of your health.

So, you write down the particular event, providing a name for the event and a brief description of it.  (I like to name the event in a positive, aspirational way, in which the name suggests what I will be aiming for when I tweak the event(s).)

Healthy Meal:  "For years I have been repeating a meal event, where I don't eat very health.  Last night was a Prototypical Event....I stopped at the store before dinnertime, I bought a frozen pizza and some pop.  Then I ate it while I watched a reality program. It is time for me to get a little more reality with my meals.  Many dinners and lunches for me end up being such fare---if not frozen pizza, some other lower-nutrition fast food---combined with low worth activities during the meal (watching TV, browsing the internet, staring off into space."   I want to tweak this event (and others like it).



Dear reader, I think I may believe in slow blogging...here is what I am currently reading and pondering about it: