event step 4

Why keep score?...ideas developing:

1.) To get a good idea of where you are...(SPS)...

2.) For hope...

3.) For willable energy...

Why Keep Score? The Psychology of Winning


...Think about war games, everything from chess to computer simulations. They are exercises to improve performance. Without scores, and the agenda to achieve good ones, the exercise would fail to have value. And of course, the real potential for damage is removed so the soldiers using them don’t die learning lessons that would result in death on the real battlefield. Likewise with sports. Children learn lessons with little cost. They only learn the lessons with a game, and you only have a game with a score. With a score you have soccer. Without it, you just have people kicking a ball around.

This video illustrates the tweaking and scoring of an event.  

share, discuss, master (celebrate)

Share your score with others, discuss it, and move toward mastery of your event.  Have a good friend ask you the GLQ's (Gentle Leadership Questions): What is your score? Why is it that?  What will you do next time to up your score? 

Click here (developing, link to come) for an example sharing (coaching) session.