x KneeGull Certifications and Masteries

For the Major Accomplishment Certification, as the KneeGull high council Steve and I only verify (judge) the equivalence of the list with the standard (Tour De France, etc.)  Whatever A a person chooses only needs to be verified by someone of high integrity (which the awardee needs to sign for).  For example, if Pauly in Planto, TX wants to use the virgin master accomplishment, that is fine....but she can't show equivlancy with sewing her own dress or riding a bull (these do not garner the same attention as Greg's E=MC2-laden list)

Previous Accomplishment is a foundation for self-esteem.  It is a touchstone by which other things can be measured.  With the Major Accomplishment Certificate you are verifying the level of accomplishment you have achieved, as a touchstone to give you energy in moving forward...

    Mastery Certifications (this list is under development, return to see more)
    - Wild Edibles Certificate (aka the Critters & Weeds Certificate)
    - Get Your Kit Together Certificate
    - Humanitarian Service Projects Certificate
    - more to come
    This Collage, Under Development (soon to come) 

    Award: Global Humanitarian Service Award
    Join our club: United Humanitarian Service Association (UHSA)
    Document your service: Humanitarian Service Database of America (HSDA)
    Attend our conference: "Counting What Really Counts: Expanding Humanitarian Service", National Conference for Worldwide Betterment Through Humanitarian Service Projects, April 10, 2011, Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT
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